Monday, 6 August 2012

Promoting Undiscovered Gems

  Most of the popular stories in wattpad now a days have the same topics. Either populars paired up with nerds/ ordinary girls/ boys or those vampires/ werewolves/ mythical creatures loving a human. Obviously everything has the same ending! Them getting together because they're just soulmates and meant to be.

 I'm not against them or anything, just saying all those cliche stories are really getting more and more, piling up all those good books down. I myself have also written those stories before. When I got here I saw so much stories just like mine. Not that they're coping each other but I don't know...those cliches are just easier to write so I myself started writing fantasy stories. So far I never seen anything like it, so I guess that's fine. anyway I'll put up all those stories I like. Then let's have an interview then your interview will be post within a week.
  One of the most important reasons of all is that I want those fascinating stories that aren't noticed because of all those features and the rest of the books with hundred thousands and millions of reads jamming them below. I want all of them to get noticed. Readers will usually read "What's Hot" or those "Featured." What about those "Undiscovered Gems" and "What's New?" Let's give it a chance and check it out. Maybe there are more exceptional writers out there.

Friday, 18 May 2012

Book Cover and MORE!


Deception's Key
Prologue: How It Happen

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  Which cover is better? Left? Right?
Title: Secluded
Author: XoxoCrimsonAngeloxoX (ME!)

Author: XoxocrimsonAngeloxoX
For :Wattpad(banner!)
More Covers I made for fun!


Title: Truth or Dare (Night World fanfiction)
Author: Japann29
From: Fanfiction

Title: After the War
Author: Everchangingstarlight
From: Fanfiction

 Title: The Weakest in the Pack
 Author: Millie945    
From: Wattpad



Title: Smokes and Mirrors
Author: ArielleBlack
From: Wattpad

                                                                                                       Story Ad

Title: Dear Jeremy
Author: Forgetful_me
From: Wattpad

Story: One Was Enough
Author: Fadingmoon
From: Wattpad

Story Ad

Story: Silly Little Memories
Author: EllieTyler562
From: Wattpad

Story: The Hunter and His Prey
Author: hereliesgoldfish
From: Wattpad

Story: My Precious Paper World
Author: AllKingsApples
From: Wattpad

Story: Fashion Disaster
Author: RighterReader
From: Wattpad

Story: Shatter
Author: QuillRose
From: Wattpad

PS This book covers are taken. I can make u one though if u want.


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